Thank you for visiting Advanced Septic Service, we serve Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Auburn and the surrounding areas with the absolute best Septic Tank Pumping. Our goal is continue to be the best septic system services in Sacramento, CA. Our experience has made us the most trusted source for Septic Tank Servicing Company in the area.

For over 24 years now, we have been providing customers with much-needed septic tank services.A septic tank can be a delicate system, with a precarious balance of organic and chemical factors that must be carefully maintained. When that balance is tipped by poor or infrequent maintenance, the results can be catastrophic.When you hire us you can be rest assured that Advanced Septic Service is here for you, armed with the knowledge, products, and experience necessary to prevent catastrophes and avoid the incredibly expensive excavations and drainpipe replacement those accidents often entail. What makes our services truly unique is that we don’t use harsh or dangerous chemicals to service your septic tank. Our system is natural and non-toxic.

We provide our clients and potential clients with excellent service, superior customer service and the highest quality, most advanced technology that exist. That why when you hire Advanced Septic Service, you’re guaranteed to received the best this Industry has to offer So call us today and experience the difference we can give.

Advanced Septic Service brings a wealth of professionalism to the table. We have extensive knowledge in Septic Tank Services, Septic Inspections, Septic Tank Pump Out, Septic Tank Drainage, Septic Tank Maintenance, Septic Tank Treatment and Septic Tank Pumps. If you need a Septic Inspection in Auburn, call us today at 916-993-3521. We are trusted in our local community. View our video to learn more about Advanced Septic Service, the go-to Septic Company for exceptional Septic Services.

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